Request to Anonymous:

Transnistria is being systematically plundered by President Shevchuk and his associates.

This is done almost openly, as they have no fear of repercussions, as formally there is no such state as Transnistria.

Since there’s no formal state, there’s no object of plunder, and if there is no state, there is no justice!

The tragedy is that there is no one to turn to for justice, neither the courts, or the government or to International authorities for help.


We urge you to help to us track the looters. We must find where and how they hide their illegally assigned fortune. We are searching for any traces of their assets invested in property, lodged in bank accounts, camouflaged in off-shore business throughout the world.

This is information is highly valued and needed to secure the future of 500′ 000 people who have been living and working in an unrecognized but existing Transnitria state.

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